On the Watch – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds


You may not want to believe it but I just started watching this show just last week and I’m already hooked up!

I’ve read about this since Dramabeans.com had announced it. I haven’t heard about Park Bo-Gum before and I was not a fan of Kim Yoo Jung (sorry guys!)

But as soon as I was done watching W-Two Worlds and Bring it on, Ghost, I don’t have any drama that really suits my taste. So I decided to give it a try.

I started reading first the recaps(which became a habit before really watching the show) and was amazed that this shows ratings boost up so fast!

I am technically a rom-com fan and so happened to love sageuk dramas with romance, so I’m up with it.

In summary, the story circles around a deliquent crown prince who falls in love with his eunuch, who happens to be a girl disguising herself as a boy.


Park Bo Gum as Crown Prince Lee Young


Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Ra On / Hong Sam Nom

When I saw the first episode, I laughed a lot! They are really hilarious and I can’t believe they are this good when they are really so young (Mind you, KYJ is just 16 years old!). Well, as for KYJ, no doubt her great acting skills has been harnessed after so many years in the industry since she debuted so young.

As for PBG (can I call him Bogummie too?), I am really enticed with his facial expressions. His face says it all!

I do love their chemistry and they are so cute together, don’t you agree?

Aside from that, I love the story. Though we already had shows with cross-dressing female lead before (Have you seen Sunkyunkwan Scandal and Coffee Prince?), I found it refreshing and captivating. It is well-directed and has a good pacing. The music is also good that keeps the tone of the scenes on the right place. I think it also comes with choosing the right casts for the show (I mean, every one of them best fit for their roles) and I believe PBG and KYJ best suited for their characters.


All in all, this is a must-watch show. It has aired 8 episodes already and we’re getting to learn more about the characters and the conflicts. Can’t wait more bromance, and more squeeeee moments.

This keeps me excited for Mondays when it has been my hatest day of the week, haha!

Enjoy watching!


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