Relive the Moments – Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds Episode 1 – 3

front-coverI soooo love this show! My heart can’t contain the happiness I felt when Mondays and Tuesdays come. Now, I’m starting to feel the void left by this awesome show.Who wouldn’t love it? The actors are great, the directing, dialogues, music, EVERYTHING is amazing!

Though it saddens me a little that I had to say goodbye now, however, I am very much well satisfied on how it ended. I can only sigh and feel relieved that it ended so beautifully. I still can’t get it over my head.

To fill the void in my heart, let me relive the beautiful moments we have with MDBC. I thank Michydrama for her awesome gifs and Variety Recaps for the IMPcap. They kept me alive as the show in still ongoing, despite the fact that I had to wait for another week to see the next episode. 🙂

Episode 1

how they met


I thank Master Jung for his love for the Princess because it brought RaOn and Crown Prince together. RaOn really thought Master Jung was in love with a man. Her expression is priceless! LOL!

their first date

I’d like to say it’s a date, even though they were just representing Princess and Master Jung.


Is this what you call date?!



Yuck! Why am I eating here?



Silver Spoon!their-first-date-3








first glimpse of Yoon Sung


I really thought he’s a playboy in this show! So handsome…

Be careful ladies, he might steal your heart! >_<


their first fight


I laughed a lot around here! how could the naughty and stoic prince be so afraid of snakes?!

They look so adorable!


Episode 2

It’s nice to see you again, puppy!





 So, you’re here….




                     This is so not good…



Well, that is TOTALLY good for you Ra-On ssi. You’re about to meet the most handsome Crowned Prince ever!!



Adorable Crown Prince

Why does he look so handsome in every way? He looks so good with all of his customs.


Chief Lee



Eunuch Lee

I don’t know about you guys but I still can’t get enough of them! I still have my Moonlight Withdrawals!

want to see more of Michydrama’s MDBC gifs? click herewant to see the Variety Recap’s MDBC IMPcaps? click here!


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