Happy Birthday!! (December 2016)


Ooh, is it already December? And in addition to that, we’re on month’s end? Aw, it made me feel both sad and happy at the same time. Well, it’s sad because we have to say goodbye to this awesome year. A lot of great things and accomplishments (and of course, very amazing kdramas was aired) had happened that it makes me cry happy tears *sob*.  At the same time, I’m happy and excited for the coming year. Has anyone seen the new shows lately? They’re super-duper awesome! LOL

Well, before I end this post and greet our birthday celebrants for this month, I would like to say:


Let us share the gift of giving and of love this lenten season. I would also like to share a short quote for this happy holiday:



And with that, let us give our warmest greetings to our birthday celebrants!

12/01 – ZE:A’s Siwan

12/05 – Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

12/09 – SHINee’s Minho & ZE:A’s Heechul

12/17 – FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin

12/20 – Jang Hyuk

12/27 – 2PM’s Taecyeon

12/31 – PSY

And since they were born in this best season ever, let me share some best birthday greetings for the month of December:

As far as gifts go, you’re one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. Happy Christmas Birthday !

Thanks for being born during the holidays. It’s great to have one more reason to get jolly! Happy Holiday Birthday !

Make your birthday memorable. Blow out the candles on the cake and celebrate! Then enjoy what life brought to you in the past year and look forward to what is yet to come.

Have fun!

Source: google.com, https://birthdaywisheszone.com/birthday-wishes-for-december/, https://www.soompi.com/2012/12/03/which-k-pop-star-shares-your-december-birthday/19/

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