On the Watch: Legend of the Blue Sea


At last! I’ve had waited so long ever since Dramabeans.com had announced about this show and I am super excited because it is a comeback of 2 of my favorite actors to the small screen: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun!

It’s been really a long time since they had a small screen show and I’m happy they’re both in this saguek-fantasy-modern drama. I mean, Lee Min Ho-ssi looks really good wearing those saguek clothes and I think it’s Jun Ji Hyun-ssi’s first time to act as a mermaid.

Though stories revolving around a mermaid falling in love with a human is pretty much common, I feel like this story is not anything like that. Sure, the mermaid will fall in love with the human but there’s more to it than what they had told us about. I’m crossing my fingers.

You might wonder why I just posted this when it had aired for a while now. Well, I’ve decided to lower down my withdrawals with Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds before I could really watch another show. I wanted to pre-empty myself so that I can make space for another yet wonderful drama. LOL

Let’s not discuss too much of my opinion but let us meet our hero:

This is Dam-Ryung, the Town Head of the Joseon era. His doppelganger in the present time would be Heo Joon-jae, the con artist who knows hypnosis and some magic tricks. They are really 2 different persons, you know. The former is a just and noble person while the latter lies to people to earn money . Even so, they do have something in common: They are both caring and loving. They will do everything for their beloved.

Next, our beloved heroine:

This is Se-Hwa, the mermaid during the Joseon era. Her doppelganger would be Shim Chung (Well, we get to have her name in the later episodes). As we go along with the show, we know that both Dam Ryung and Joon-jae gave their ladies names, respectively. I find it so sweet since giving a person a name means you are special to them, even though you’ve just met them [for Joon-jae’s case].

I find their story appealing because of how it is well written. Aside from the cast, the music, and the beautiful cinematography, it’s the script and the storyline that had me glued. They sort of combine the story of the mermaid and her love with reincarnation. I could remember Which star are you from in regards with loving a doppelganger (can you name another show?) and there are a whole bunch of stories about mermaids. Well, with all the twists and turns, I can assure that this is not your ordinary fantasy mermaid drama… And I LOVE it!

We are already half way through and we’ll have Episode 14 on January 4th of 2017 (Today!). I can’t wait for that day since I have a lot of questions that needs to be answered:

  • Will Shim Chung know Se-Hwa too? I mean, Dam Ryung could talk to Joon-jae through dreams and telling him about how history is repeating itself. surely, they’ll let Se-Hwa be in it too, right? To keep the tragic end from happening, right?
  • Was Dam Ryung able to hear Se-Hwa’s voice, too, like how Joon-jae is able to hear Shim Chung now?
  • Who was Shi-ah supposed to be in the past life? And Tae-Oh and Nam-Doo? Since most of the people around Joon-jae were also part of Dam-Ryung’s life, may it be directly or indirectly connected with Se-Hwa, they might as well be there in the past. They are now currently making a major impact in the lives of Joon-jae and Shim Chung, sure enough they were also there to help the story move, plot-wise.
  • Will Joon-jae be able to find his mother? Will Shi-ah really keep him from knowing because of her desire for Joon-jae’s love? Gosh, it makes me hate her!
  • Will Shim Chung know that Joon-jae can actually hear her voice? I can’t imagine how she’ll react if she knows that Joon-jae has been listening to her – her troubles if Joon-jae likes her or not – all along!
  • Who is the second wife in the past life? Does Dam-Ryung had some sort of brother too in the past? The fake son (let me call him that, I forgot his name) doesn’t seem to be bad at all. He even calls Joon-jae to protect their father.
  • Does the history that is repeating, which Dam Ryung fortold, only applies to Joon-jae and Shim Chung and not everyone else around them?
  • Will the street person, which is Shim Chung’s friend, have a beautiful past life too? She is too nice to be kept out of the plot.
  • Since Dam Ryung died at 27 to save Se-Hwa and Joon-jae is already at that age, will he die too? Will he and Shim-Chung die too? No! I forbid!

Ugh, my head is aching with soooo many questions. Anyways, the story is about to answer my questions and I’m super excited how it’ll end. I do hope we’ll have that amazing magical ending, show. I’m ready!


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