On the Watch – The Lonely Shining Goblin

2 I have really an it for fantasy, supernatural dramas, be it saguek or modern. so when this show was announced, I am easily enticed and got super excited. What’s more, it’s Gong Yoo-ssi’s comeback to small screen!

I really had fun with his character in Coffee Prince and I loved him more in Train to Busan. Through the years, he has been honed to be one of today’s Hallyu stars and I can’t wait to see him on tv again.

Kim Go Eun-ssi’s first small screen show was Cheese in the Trap and I admire her character. She played it so well along with Park Hae-jin ssi that I watched the show until it ends, even though there were news all over the web how people were dissapointed on how it was open-ended. Well, I didn’t see anything bad with how the writer and director chose it’s ending.

Anyways, it may be too late for me to post this one since I know the show just ended ( so sad!) but I always have this habit of watching shows when episode 6 is already aired [to keep myself from grithing my teeth because I had to wait for next week. LOL]

So, I am currently watching episode 6 and so far, it’s great! The writer is brilliant. The cinematography is so cool with its excellent graphics of the goblin’s blue flames  and awesome camera angles. The music is so lovely and the show has always had the right music for every scene. I find the music unique though and appealing, kind of out of the norm. The cast are also amazing and they fit their roles. I mean, I can’t imagine anyone doing their roles; they’re the perfect match! *thumps up*

Now, too much for that, let’s meet our heroes:

This is our Lonely, Shining Goblin – Kim Shin. (I always have this thought that goblins looks like monster; but thanks for the show, we have a super handsome goblin.*swoon*)

He was once a general, serving the king, but was betrayed and vowed to take revenge but with his powerful desire, he was given an immortal life instead… Now he is waiting for his bride to pull out that sword that kept him alive…


And his bride is no other than Ji Eun Tak – a bubbly, outgoing and very cheerful young lady despite her circumstance. She was not supposed to be born but due to the kindness of the goblin, she became the Missing Soul ( According to the Grim Reapers) and this made her – as what the ghosts kept on declaring – the goblin’s bride.

As for the first few episodes I have watched, Eun-Tak still doesn’t know what “pulling the sword” really means and she thought it’ll make the goblin “pretty”. Such tragic!

I find their love story sad but romantic and sweet in its own way. Even knowing how it’ll end after pulling out the sword, Kim Shin make use of the little time he had with his bride. He made every moment with her memorable. Though they bicker most of the time but he still cherishes all of them and he doesn’t hide it from her when asked.

I would also like to mention our 2nd leads. Their tandem is awesome!


Our nameless Grim Reaper looks so stiff, who is working to gather dead people; total opposite from the goblin who gives life. But as soon as he became a tenant of Kim Shin’s mansion, their lives intertwine and their bickering is so hilarous!


Then let’s meet Sunny [not Sun Hee! LOL]; a very beautiful woman who took Eun Tak as her part time employee in her chicken shop.

Sunny’s love story with the Grim Reaper is somewhat mysterious, but   I love how Sunny turned the world of Grim Reaper upside-down!

I know there must be something about them which is connected to Kim Shin and I can’t wait to see it.

I still got a few more episodes before it ends and I do hope to get a happy ending, though with Eun Tak’s case – being a missing soul – death in inevitable. But still, I have my hopes up.



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