On the Watch – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju

kim bok ju

I am honestly enticed with this show’s title. As you know, Weightlifting is not really that famous, compared to gymnast and swimming, though it is a sport a country can be proud of once it’s athlete’s win.

And since it’s not common, I want to check it out.

I have known Lee Su Kyung since Cheese in the Trap and I am bought by her acting. The way she brings her character to life is so real that I used to scream at my computer screen because I got so angry and mad. She doesn’t waste her little screen time and shows her most hateful character. I bet she always make sure that her character in every show she is in will stick into the hearts and minds of the audience.  Have you seen Doctors? She has a promising role there.


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju is her first lead role and her first protagonist role – and she won the hearts of many fast! She portrayed Kim Bok Ju really well that I fell in love with her. I can’t even remember how beautiful it was to be a student because of all the stressful subjects, tedious projects and so on but Kim Bok Ju reminded me to have fun in my youth and live my dreams. She’s a good example of a person who achieve success because of sheer determination. *sniff*

I love all the characters here! I can’t seem to find or pinpoint someone to hate; everyone has their own story line. Everyone contributed to the growth of Bok Ju to become an adult, an athlete, a lady.

I am so moved with the plot of this story: the friendships, love of a family, the supportive classmates/batchmates, having a crush, being jealous, and having a boyfriend! *squeak*


Aw, it’s so good to be young. I had fun watching the show. I even watched it three times in a row! LOL

This light-hearted drama has been a stress reliever for me. I hope to watch another drama with the happy, youthful vibe like this one.Keep it up!



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