Happy Birthday! – January 2017

It’s a brand new year for everyone and another month to celebrate our favorite celebrities’ natal day!

I am so happy to see many new faces (since I’m getting to know a lot of kpop idols lately who ventured into acting) in the kdrama verse and am looking forward to them this year 🙂

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Happy Birthday!! (December 2016)


Ooh, is it already December? And in addition to that, we’re on month’s end? Aw, it made me feel both sad and happy at the same time. Well, it’s sad because we have to say goodbye to this awesome year. A lot of great things and accomplishments (and of course, very amazing kdramas was aired) had happened that it makes me cry happy tears *sob*.  At the same time, I’m happy and excited for the coming year. Has anyone seen the new shows lately? They’re super-duper awesome! LOL Continue reading “Happy Birthday!! (December 2016)”

Happy Birthday!! (October 2016)

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Time flies so fast and it’s already October! I didn’t realize that we are nearing to the end of 2016 since a lot of things happened (school and stuff) and lots of worth-watching dramas had been aired this year! But before I move on with squeeing and such, let me share some birthday quotes that has me inspired: Continue reading “Happy Birthday!! (October 2016)”

Happy Birthday!! (September 2016)

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A happy, happy birthday to all of you! It just so happened that a lot of actors I know and came to love are born on this month, isn’t it awesome? Continue reading “Happy Birthday!! (September 2016)”