On the Watch – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju

kim bok ju

I am honestly enticed with this show’s title. As you know, Weightlifting is not really that famous, compared to gymnast and swimming, though it is a sport a country can be proud of once it’s athlete’s win.

And since it’s not common, I want to check it out.

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On the Watch – The Lonely Shining Goblin

2 I have really an it for fantasy, supernatural dramas, be it saguek or modern. so when this show was announced, I am easily enticed and got super excited. What’s more, it’s Gong Yoo-ssi’s comeback to small screen!

I really had fun with his character in Coffee Prince and I loved him more in Train to Busan. Through the years, he has been honed to be one of today’s Hallyu stars and I can’t wait to see him on tv again.

Kim Go Eun-ssi’s first small screen show was Cheese in the Trap and I admire her character. She played it so well along with Park Hae-jin ssi that I watched the show until it ends, even though there were news all over the web how people were dissapointed on how it was open-ended. Well, I didn’t see anything bad with how the writer and director chose it’s ending.

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On the Watch: Legend of the Blue Sea


At last! I’ve had waited so long ever since Dramabeans.com had announced about this show and I am super excited because it is a comeback of 2 of my favorite actors to the small screen: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun!

It’s been really a long time since they had a small screen show and I’m happy they’re both in this saguek-fantasy-modern drama. I mean, Lee Min Ho-ssi looks really good wearing those saguek clothes and I think it’s Jun Ji Hyun-ssi’s first time to act as a mermaid.

Though stories revolving around a mermaid falling in love with a human is pretty much common, I feel like this story is not anything like that. Sure, the mermaid will fall in love with the human but there’s more to it than what they had told us about. I’m crossing my fingers.

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On the Watch – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds


You may not want to believe it but I just started watching this show just last week and I’m already hooked up!

I’ve read about this since Dramabeans.com had announced it. I haven’t heard about Park Bo-Gum before and I was not a fan of Kim Yoo Jung (sorry guys!)

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