My New Year’s Resolution

Say hello to 2017!

It is yet another year.

Another year to start anew.

Another year to make up from the mistakes we’ve made last year

Another year to do the things we couldn’t achieve in the past.

We all want comfort, success at hand and worry-free future, that’s why we always make this so-call “New Year’s Resolution” every start of the year.

Since a new year signifies another cycle of life where opportunities rises, a possibility of success and mend broken hearts, we try to formulate a plan on how our new year would turn out to be. We are even hopeful and excited as we write them down that we even tell everyone we know about these plans.

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On the Watch – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds


You may not want to believe it but I just started watching this show just last week and I’m already hooked up!

I’ve read about this since had announced it. I haven’t heard about Park Bo-Gum before and I was not a fan of Kim Yoo Jung (sorry guys!)

But as soon as I was done watching W-Two Worlds and Bring it on, Ghost, I don’t have any drama that really suits my taste. So I decided to give it a try. Continue reading “On the Watch – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds”

Nice to meet you



Hello! Hello! Hello!!

My name is Kurazo (Well, it’s actually a sort of Japanese name, way of pronouncing my name in their language).

Nice to meet y’all!

I am currently a 24-year old BSIT student and at the same time, working full-time at another institution.

Seems like my life is really busy right?

Well, I believe in time management. And I believe that having a sort of “recreation” is needed to balance my life, thus, I watch K-dramas (Haha!) Continue reading “Nice to meet you”