On the Watch – Answer Me 1997 (Review Edition)


I had been asking myself a million times, “Why didn’t I watch this show before?” and I still can’t find the answer to that. Well, I honestly had withdrawals with Answer Me 1988 (which is the first show I have watched for the Answer Me Series) and I thought I can’t get over from it. I was totally wrong.

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Happy Birthday!! (November 2016)

unnamedWow! It’s already November! I still can’t believe that I’ll have to say goodbye soon to this awesome year 2016. A lot of surprises, happy moments, laughters, even challenges had happened this year and I’m glad I went through all that; a one happy journey.

Well, not really sad for our celebrants! It’s the best month of the year for them and let us greet them with our warm Happy Birthday Greetings!

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