Happy Birthday!! (November 2016)

unnamedWow! It’s already November! I still can’t believe that I’ll have to say goodbye soon to this awesome year 2016. A lot of surprises, happy moments, laughters, even challenges had happened this year and I’m glad I went through all that; a one happy journey.

Well, not really sad for our celebrants! It’s the best month of the year for them and let us greet them with our warm Happy Birthday Greetings!

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Relive the Moments – Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds Episode 1 – 3

front-coverI soooo love this show! My heart can’t contain the happiness I felt when Mondays and Tuesdays come. Now, I’m starting to feel the void left by this awesome show.Who wouldn’t love it? The actors are great, the directing, dialogues, music, EVERYTHING is amazing!

Though it saddens me a little that I had to say goodbye now, however, I am very much well satisfied on how it ended. I can only sigh and feel relieved that it ended so beautifully. I still can’t get it over my head. Continue reading “Relive the Moments – Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds Episode 1 – 3”

Happy Birthday!! (October 2016)

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Time flies so fast and it’s already October! I didn’t realize that we are nearing to the end of 2016 since a lot of things happened (school and stuff) and lots of worth-watching dramas had been aired this year! But before I move on with squeeing and such, let me share some birthday quotes that has me inspired: Continue reading “Happy Birthday!! (October 2016)”

Happy Birthday!! (September 2016)

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A happy, happy birthday to all of you! It just so happened that a lot of actors I know and came to love are born on this month, isn’t it awesome? Continue reading “Happy Birthday!! (September 2016)”

On the Watch – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds


You may not want to believe it but I just started watching this show just last week and I’m already hooked up!

I’ve read about this since Dramabeans.com had announced it. I haven’t heard about Park Bo-Gum before and I was not a fan of Kim Yoo Jung (sorry guys!)

But as soon as I was done watching W-Two Worlds and Bring it on, Ghost, I don’t have any drama that really suits my taste. So I decided to give it a try. Continue reading “On the Watch – Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds”

Nice to meet you



Hello! Hello! Hello!!

My name is Kurazo (Well, it’s actually a sort of Japanese name, way of pronouncing my name in their language).

Nice to meet y’all!

I am currently a 24-year old BSIT student and at the same time, working full-time at another institution.

Seems like my life is really busy right?

Well, I believe in time management. And I believe that having a sort of “recreation” is needed to balance my life, thus, I watch K-dramas (Haha!) Continue reading “Nice to meet you”